7 Ways We Create Your Advantage

As an associate at a well-respected firm, you enjoy aspects of your job. You're learning from partners, clients, and the practice alike. But you find yourself wondering about the long-term. Perhaps your practice group is top-heavy and partnership prospects are uncertain. Maybe you're concerned your skills will stagnate, or you believe your compensation is not consistent with your peers at other firms. Or perhaps you'd like to go in-house, but aren't cultivating the ideal network.

That's where Garrison comes in. Award-winning DC-focused legal recruiters, we provide law firm associates with strategy, access, and ear-to-the-ground intelligence.

How we create your advantage

  1. We consistently have the most associate level openings of any search firm in Washington, DC. It is our job to constantly stay in touch with employers. We have a systematic process in place to do this.

    Your advantage: You will have access to more opportunities in firms, corporations, NFPs, trade associations, etc., including those that are never publicly disclosed or listed with another search firm.

  2. We will meet with you and provide an analysis of your career opportunities in the market place. In order to be the most effective, we need to meet with you and understand your practice,  priorities, and intangibles of importance.

    Your advantage: You will have an expert analyze your career, receive an informed assessment of your various options, and learn of opportunities compatible with your goals.

  3. We are extremely selective. If we are not best situated to advise you, we will tell you.

    Your advantage: Employers know that a candidate from Garrison & Sisson has been thoroughly evaluated and is prepared for an interview.  Our endorsement carries weight.

  4. Our recruiters practiced in law firms, corporate legal departments, and the federal government; now our career is to further your career. 

    Your advantage: An advocate who understands the importance of your career goals and will undertake dedicated efforts on your behalf.

  5. We are fanatical about confidentiality. We will never contact an employer without your authorization.

    Your advantage: No need to worry about horror stories of unscrupulous recruiters breaching confidentiality.  This has not happened in 30+ years and will not happen in the future.

  6. We prepare a detailed candidate profile about you to communicate your background, experience, and interests to employers. 

    Your advantage: Employers will be better informed about the information they care most about.

  7. We help you prepare for each interview in part by conducting a mock interview with you.

    Your advantage: You will have a much better chance of receiving an offer. We have been doing this for many years, and we know what questions you may be asked. We will make certain you are prepared and present yourself in the best way.