7 Ways We Create Your Advantage

As an attorney considering an in-house career move, you're unsure how to make it happen, about the transferability of your skills and, more generally, if your aspirations are realistic. Maybe you're coming from a law firm, and you don't know how your experience and compensation transfer to a corporate environment. Or, you're already corporate counsel, but want to explore other in-house options as a means of “moving up.” How do you know you're making a career-enhancing move?

How we create your advantage

  1. Expertise:  Over the past 30 years, we have placed more attorneys in-house in the Washington, DC region than any other search firm. We offer access to opportunities, advice on how to best prepare your materials to convey your experience, and guide you on how to interview and communicate the important  intangibles that go hand-in-hand with the “fit” inside of a particular in-house legal department.

    Your advantage: In the highly competitive in-house market in Washington, you will be aligning with knowledgeable in-house search experts who themselves possess in-house experience. We provide expert guidance, illuminating comparisons, and desirable positions, many of which are exclusive to G&S.

  2. Candor about available opportunities and your marketability: We will tell you if what you are trying to achieve with a move to a corporate position is attainable in the current economic climate and what the impact of such a move is on your future career opportunities. We will share with you the experiences of similarly situated attorneys who have made analogous moves and how the compensation structures compare to other like-kind positions.

    Your advantage: Confidence knowing you are being given realistic and sound advice rooted in experience.

  3. Confidentiality: We are confidential and discrete in our interactions with you and your potential employer.

    Your advantageConfidence in confidentiality. Our reputation depends on it.

  4. Access to and experience with a range of in-house opportunities: Garrison & Sisson has undertaken searches for a range of public, private, not-for-profit, and trade association entities.

    Your advantage: An insider’s perspective on the differences among the various types of legal employers in the Washington area that is uncommon, unique to G&S, and remarkably helpful.

  5. Recruiters with longstanding in-house relationships: The tenure of our relationships with many of our corporate clients in the Washington metropolitan area is extensive and likely includes multiple placements.  This longevity provides us with immediate credibility and excellent access. If we work with you and endorse your candidacy, this serves as independent verification of your cultural and skill-based "fit".

    Your advantage: Our involvement and endorsement distinguishes your candidacy.

  6. We will ask the hard questions: We are able to ask the hard questions you can’t or shouldn’t ask of a potential employer. We know who, what, and how to find out information that is important to you and can do it in an appropriate, professional, and non-intrusive manner.

    Your advantage: Having an effective intermediary at the appropriate times can make a substantial difference in your due diligence during the search process and comfort in accepting or declining a position.

  7. Career navigation: We understand what you do evaluated against a back drop of what you want to do and what the market seeks.

    Your advantage: Benefit from personalized GPS for your career in pursuing your destination.