7 Ways We Create Your Advantage

As a law firm partner, you may be considering a lateral career move. Perhaps the firm's vision isn't consistent with your own. Maybe you simply need a change of culture, environment, or people. But given the sensitive nature of considering a move, your ability to confide in knowledgeable resources may be limited.  Garrison & Sisson, the premier recruiting firm for the DC region, can help you make an informed and intelligent decision. We have a powerful, insightful command of the lateral market, and can strategically guide you through every step of this crucial career decision with precision, discretion and professionalism.

Your search firm should reflect the same professional standards you uphold with your clients. Accordingly, our services are prompt, candid, comprehensive, and ultra-discreet. We will listen to your goals, supply an actionable market assessment, and walk you through the transition, every step of the way.

How we create your advantage

  1. We have unparalleled market knowledge and a reputation for excellence. You will benefit from our experience and judgment. After all, we do this every day—you don’t.

    Your advantage: We focus on your search so you can focus on your practice. We identify options and recommend outcomes. We listen closely to your goals and once we understand your situation, we advise whether we can assist you. We wear many hats to ensure your search is unencumbered by the demands of your practice. In addition to the traditional recruiting elements, we have at times functioned as mediators, couriers, proofreaders, business development advisors, marketing specialists, and anything else required to support the desired outcome.

  2. Personalized career plan.

    Your advantage: We are extremely selective. We do not deal in volume. We edit the allocation of our resources just as you do. If we are not best situated to advise you, we will tell you.

  3. Setting realistic expectations of what is to come even when contrary to what you want to hear.

    Your advantage: It’s about you—not us.

  4. Our job is to provide an exceptional experience and facilitate your ability to make an informed decision.

    Your advantage: The likelihood of finding the best match for you—as you define match– while positioning you for highly favorable treatment. We advocate offers that are fair and take into account your contributions and fit within the institutional norm/compensation structure.

  5. Trust but verify. We vet to confirm the realness of a firm’s commitment to and investment in you. Most of our targeted partner searches are conducted on a retained basis.

    Your advantage: As a precondition of our involvement, we have access to key decision makers and practice data that is critical to making an informed decision. We ask all of the questions you can’t—or should not ask.

  6. Vetting in advance of disclosure.

    Your advantage: You will have the opportunity to control what is done and when that takes place. In many situations, we will profile you, your clients and your economics to a potential new firm, thereby reducing the risk of unnecessary disclosure. This is conducted on a no names basis, provides a quick acknowledgement of being conflict free, and should ensure that a level of internal consensus building has taken place to rally around your potential candidacy.

  7. Business case formulation—the “why us?” question.

    Your advantage: To assist you in your own edification and primarily to aid you in the crafting of this response to your potential employer. Our perspective and experience provides informed insights into what opportunities exist for creating, expanding and transitioning new business.