Our Lateral Partner Process

1. Understanding Your Practice

The most astute and high-level recruiters in a demanding market know that multiple factors influence a potential change. That's why we take the time to understand your practice, priorities, motivations, and long-term vision. Once we're in full command of the facts, we can give you a true sense of your market value, and help you determine whether to leave—or not.

2. Identifying Opportunities

While you remain focused on your current practice, we will identify suitable opportunities that match your goals. Our access and knowledge extend far beyond publicly available information, and we'll share illuminating specifics on firm and practice group culture, management, etc.

3. Preparing Your Materials

Once you have chosen to pursue an opportunity, we will help organize, prepare, and present your résumé and business development plan. We'll also guide you through the nuances of the Lateral Partner Questionnaire (LPQ).

4. Interviewing and Due Diligence

Conducting research, scheduling interviews, and concurrently weighing multiple opportunities are unfamiliar, delicate tasks. We help minimize distractions—and assist you through the process. You will receive professional guidance on compensation, ethics, and LPQ norms.

We can direct you when declining or accepting offers.

5. Negotiating Terms

When it comes to partnership negotiations, no one likes surprises. G&S has the experience and perspective to help you establish realistic expectations and evaluate offers in comparison to the wider market.

6. Disclosure and Transitioning

Now that you've found your new home, giving notice to your current firm can be challenging and emotional. Our recruiters will help you depart on good terms, while ensuring compliance with all ethical obligations under the DC Bar guidelines and your partnership agreement. Where appropriate, we may refer you to trusted ethics counsel to handle particularly sensitive topics.