7 Ways We Create Your Advantage

As an esteemed law firm looking to hire an associate attorney, you have every right to expect the most qualified candidates. But finding the ideal associate on your own is imprecise.

Maybe your requirements are specific—but seem unachievable. Maybe you're finding the quality of self-referred candidates underwhelming. Placing open positions online attracts unwanted recruiters who inappropriately cold call on your behalf, damaging your firm's hard-won reputation. Or, perhaps you simply want to be certain that you have the best candidates at your disposal.

Garrison & Sisson (G&S) is the premier attorney search firm in the Washington, DC region. Named the "Best Legal Recruiter" in DC by the National Law Journal/Legal Times in 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, and 2011, G&S goes above and beyond the province of a typical search firm. Available on a  retained and a contingency basis, we deliver only the candidates best suited to your needs, provide objective analysis on the state of the market, and work with you to select the ideal fit.

How We Create Your Advantage

  1. We believe we can do the best job for you if we meet with you and with lawyers from the particular practice group seeking support.

    Your advantage: We will convey your message to candidates, effectively promoting your firm’s opportunity while sharing our personal perspectives. We understand what information is valued by associate level candidates.

  2. We only provide on-point resumes. It is our experience that over ninety percent of the candidates we refer are invited by our clients to interview.

    Your advantage: We will not waste your time or flood you with unwanted submissions.

  3. You will receive a detailed cover letter with every submission providing insight into practice experience, motivations to move, explanation as to previous job changes, etc.

    Your advantage: Important questions such as "reasons for moving firms?" or "is this person in good standing?" are answered in advance. You are able to have all the information needed to make an initial and informed decision regarding the desirability of interviewing this candidate.

  4. We interview every local candidate.

    Your advantage: By meeting face-to-face, we will acquire insights and impressions that will be passed along to you.

  5. We will respond to you no later than 24 hours from the time of your inquiry or request.

    Your advantage: You will not lose any candidates because of a recruiter’s unresponsiveness.

  6. We are always available to provide you with recruiting or market condition-related insight. From questions about practice areas, the state of the market, ethical recruiting situations ... nothing is off limits.  If we do not know or are unable to comment, we will indicate that to you as well.

    Your advantage: We can help make your job easier.

  7. We will work closely with you during every step of the process, serve as a barrier to unwanted surprises, and provide you with candidate feedback.

    Your advantage: Increased acceptance rates due to better candidate screening, preparation, and management.