Associate Process & Client Profiles


A seasoned G&S recruiter will meet with you and your team in person to ascertain your requirements and preferences, along with your firm's culture and other intangibles. Unlike other search firms, we value every nuance of your ideal candidate and refer only those best suited.

G&S boasts a broad—yet highly selective—network of available candidates. But we refuse to inundate you with unfiltered résumés—or ones that are simply wrong.  We prefer quality over quantity, offering a few who are extremely qualified.

Our recruiters meet all local candidates face-to-face, so we can provide you with a precise summary, not only of their credentials, but of their personality and disposition as well. An unmatched 90% of our referrals to clients are invited for interviews.

All of our searches are performed with the utmost care, discretion, and attention to detail. We service firms who aren't simply looking for an associate with a certain set of skills, but for an attorney who also complements the firm's culture and expectations.

Our Typical Law Firm Client

We represent a broad range of law firms, from the world's largest multinational firms, to specialty micro-boutiques. G&S appreciates the nuances of each firm and strives to identify every firm's unique offerings and needs.

Our most successful law firm employers tend to share the following characteristics:

  • Freely exchange information to facilitate the search process
  • Are comfortable providing and receiving candid feedback
  • Value the time of all parties involved
  • Prefer firm partners to be well-acquainted with the firm's recruiter and partner, and vice-versa
  • Are realistic about their market standing
  • Want their search conducted with precision, discretion, and professionalism.