In-House Process & Client Profiles

Our Process

G&S meets every corporate client personally, listening to your unique needs and preferences. Not only will we search for candidates with a particular set of skills and credentials, we also evaluate matches on intangibles, such as disposition, personality, and qualities reflected in your existing OGC.

Every local candidate is personally interviewed by G&S before being referred.  Each referral we present comes with an executive summary detailing the candidate‚Äôs qualifications, along with our impressions from the interview and a candid assessment of how the attorney will fit within your existing legal department.

Typical In-House Candidates

Garrison & Sisson welcomes non-public sector attorney employers to seek our services.  Employers should be committed to finding the best available candidates, seek an active search partner, and value a comprehensive view of the market.

G&S serves a wide range  of in-house employers,  including large multinational  public companies, small  private businesses,  emerging growth entities,  hedge funds, private equity  funds, not for profits, trade  associations, accounting  and consulting firms, and  quasi-governmental entities.  Our clients typically maintain a long-standing relationship and are initially referred to us by their existing attorneys, outside counsel, or peers.