7 Ways We Create Your Advantage

Exploring the lateral market for partners is a sensitive process. Perhaps you're hunting for a specific profile, and can't find any candidates who are a match. Maybe you're losing top candidates to competing firms. Maybe the compensation expectations are never quite right.

Garrison & Sisson, the premier legal search firm in the DC region, will walk you through the process of hiring a lateral partner, from advising you on strategy, to referring qualified clients, to providing a candid assessment of the lateral market and your value within it.  Available for retained and contingency searches, G&S has the experience and esteemed reputation to represent your firm’s interests.

Finding the perfect candidate is only half the battle: you still need to sell them on making the jump. The recruiters at G&S understand how partners approach new firms and what messaging prompts them to respond. We will craft your pitch—and help close the deal.

Here's how we create your advantage

  1. Investing the time to understand your firm and its specific search goals and then assisting you in developing information that is most relevant to the targeted partner audience.

    Your advantage: Targeted marketing to leading lateral partners.  Access to more candidates.

  2. We will accurately and positively project the image of your firm in approach, priorities and style.

    Your advantage: A recruiter whose professionalism and approach mirrors your firm.

  3. We understand what candidates want to know, and we will assist you in crafting those messages.

    Your advantage: Higher probability of success both now and in the future.

  4. In connection with retained searches, we employ a methodology that requires your active engagement.

    Your advantage: An expert anticipating and then advising you on each step of the process in this search.

  5. Aligning with our reputation and brand.

    Your advantage: When a partner receives a call from Garrison & Sisson, they likely are familiar with our firm and reputation for selectivity. The fact that we are conducting a search on your behalf reflects positively on your firm.

  6. Candor regarding your market perception vs. your self-perception.

    Your advantage: The ability to make strategic decisions based on market data, not insular self-perceptions.

  7. We ask probing and strategic questions.

    Your advantage: This knowledge allows us to reduce or eliminate expected challenges and respond affirmatively by "getting out in front" with the message about your search and firm.