Partner Process & Client Profiles

Our Process

Garrison & Sisson prefers to meet personally with senior management and have them closely engaged in the search process. Our recruiters will put forward a series of strategic and incisive questions in order to represent your firm's message as proactively as possible. We seek to understand the fine nuances of your search goals before approaching candidates on your behalf.

G&S searches cover more than credentials; we also weigh intangible factors, such as firm culture and candidate personality, when referring partners to our clients. We meet partners face-to-face, and conduct interviews with the utmost discretion, rigor, and professionalism.

Typical Law Firm Clients

Garrison & Sisson works with a wide range of firms, from lean boutiques to the largest firms in the world. We welcome any firm committed to lateral growth and appreciative of market expertise, data, analysis, and insight.

Leading G&S clients believe, as we do, in developing long-term relationships and recognize the benefits of a retained or exclusive engagement with our search firm. Our clients identify a need within their strategic growth plans and trust us to source and recruit valuable business assets on their behalf.